Top 10 Vastu Tips for Career Growth- Arsto Vastu Gruru, Kuldeep Dwivedi

Top 10 Vastu Tips for Career Growth

Are you waiting for a pay raise?

Do you want to advance your career significantly?

These are some of the questions we all have in our minds when we think of a successful career.

The lockdown has taken a toll on nearly everyone’s mental health since last year, but one thing that has kept us all extremely anxious this year is OUR CAREER. Vastu tips for career growth are the greatest at providing the correct answer to every inquiry. According to Vastu, there are several ideas and tactics that can help you along the road you’ve chosen.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of design and construction that helps us enhance many aspects of our lives by harmonizing various natural factors. As a result, it is really useful. Let’s get down to business. microsoft visio torrents

Here Are Some Reliable, Practical, And Incredibly Effective Vastu Tips For Career Growth

Top 10 Vastu Tips for Career Growth, best astrologer in udaipur, Kuldeep Dwivedi

Location of the Bedroom

The Earth element is related to the South-West (SW) zone. As a result, it ensures that your life is stable. The Master Bedroom should be located toward the southwest. If your profession necessitates consistency, you should sleep in this direction. If you are a student, then the best Vastu tips for career success is that you can utilise the West-South-West (WSW) zone for your bedroom. It’s the realm of wisdom and knowledge.

Location of the Study Room

You can make your study room in the West-South-West (WSW), East, or North-East (NE) zones if you are a student or employed. Place your study room’s door in the north-east, north, or east direction.

Study/Work Table

The study/work table should be square or rectangular in shape. To allow your thoughts to flow freely, there should be some space between your table and the wall. Maintain a safe distance between the study/work table and the wall.

Sitting Position

While studying/working, keep your back to the north or east. It is also beneficial for a businessperson/student to face north or east because it is considered auspicious for financial and educational gains as well as if one is looking for Vastu tips to get a job soon. You should also have a rear wall. It indicates not only assistance but also safety from a psychological standpoint. On the wall behind you, you can also hang a lovely mountain image. While working, avoid sitting beneath a beam.


Furniture made of wood is always the best option. The South-West (SW) corner of the room should be used for heavy furniture. High-back chairs are recommended. It’s positive and supportive, particularly for professionals. Broken furniture should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

North-East Direction’s Importance for Career

The north-east (NE) is the direction of mental clarity and vision, both of which are critical for job advancement. As a result, no construction should be allowed in this area. It should be maintained clean and clutter-free at all times because it is one of the most sacred areas of the house. Water-related goods, such as drinking water or a water fountain, should be placed in the northeast.

East Direction

The direction of social association is east. If networking and public relations are important aspects of your job, if you are looking for a Vastu for a good career, the East must be Vastu compliant. Keep it open and create a lovely garden in this way. If a garden is not possible, you can paint a green colour on the East wall or hang a nice image of a garden instead. You’ll be astonished at how it can assist you to build your network and improving your public relations.

South-East Direction’s Importance for Career

The cash-flow zone is in the southeast (SE) direction. Cash flow is extremely crucial, especially if you own a business. It is as vital to a company as blood is to the human body. As a result, Vastu’s tip for promotion is that for better cash flow, the South-East must be in accordance. This is where all fire-related objects should be kept. The kitchen of your home should ideally be built in the southeast. This zone’s walls should be painted with a soft pink tint.

Objects Placement

The north or east side of your study/workspace should have a bookshelf. Other devices and electrical goods can be placed in the South-East corner of your room, and your computer and table lamp can be placed in the South-East corner of your study/work table.

Main Entrance

The main entryway, according to Vastu, is one of the most crucial and effective parts of your home/office. There are eight alternative entrances (four cardinal and four ordinal), each measuring 11.25 degrees. Some of these entrances are thought to be highly lucky for job/career advancement and overall fortune.

A Piece of Advice

Having a high IQ or being hardworking and smart does not ensure a successful job. Many unsuccessful people who are more gifted than their contemporaries have gone on to attain the success they desired. This is primarily due to the Vastu flaws in your structure (e.g. home office, shops, factories).

As a result, it is recommended that certain Vastu flaws be corrected. You will notice a favourable change in your thinking pattern and your decision-making skills after making the building Vastu compliant, which will ultimately aid you in your job advancement. So, if you want tips for Vastu for job problems, career growth, career success, getting a job, or even getting a promotion, you can simply visit the renowned Astro Vastu Guru; Mr. Kuldeep Dwivedi, and experience the changes all by you

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