How to remove Vastu defects without demolition?

How to remove Vastu defects without demolition?

There is often tension and conflict the house for no apparent cause. This causes resentment and disinterest in the relationship. One of the reasons for such a circumstance might be a Vastu defect.

Kuldeep Dwivedi, there are various techniques to eliminate Vastu faults in Vastu Shastra, some of which are so simple that you may remove Vastu defects without making architectural changes. Huh.

Water Tank & Delivery

If the flow of water in the home is poor or the direction of water delivery is incorrect, construct an underground water tank to the northeast and feed water to the house from there. Since this condition will eliminate the Vastu flaw, it will also halt the flow of water from the incorrect direction.

If the digging or subterranean tank is not constructed in the north direction, such a flaw can be prevented by erecting a basic water tank in the north direction.


If the back of the house is lower and the front is higher, position the dish antenna, TV antenna, and so on in the lower section. This sort of Vastu flaw will be eliminated as a result of this action.


Either remove the house’s locked clocks or have them fixed. It is claimed that closed clocks are dangerous and emit bad energy.


If the house’s plaster is chipped or cracked, get it fixed as soon as possible. On the other hand, if the bathroom door is directly in front of the kitchen door, it creates an awkward situation. To overcome this flaw, install a fabric curtain or other sort of separation in the center of the bathroom and kitchen so that the bathroom cannot be visible from the kitchen.


If the kitchen is not located in the igneous angle’s central direction, i.e. east-south, this problem can be corrected by installing a gas stove in the east-south direction of the kitchen. If this is not practically possible, such a problem can be corrected by lighting a 0-watt bulb at the appropriate angle.


If the plot is not square, be sure that the length is not more than twice the breadth. Whereas if the length is double the breadth, something may be built on the extra land.

Home Appliances

Aside from that, maintain fixing electrical items like fans, coolers, and so on on a regular basis to make vaastu corrections without demolition from the property. so that they don’t make any type of crackling noise Furthermore, putting oil into the door hinges produces no sound when the door is opened or closed. In fact, such noises are deemed inauspicious and detrimental by Vastu.


Take great care of the cleanliness and hygiene of the bedroom if you want to be happy in your marriage. The bedroom should be cool, airy, and free of pressure. Also, don’t store needless items in your bedroom. At the same time, because of the bedroom’s seclusion, its window should never be opened in another room. Aside from that, the paintings and sketches on the bedroom walls should be beautiful and appealing.

In the bedroom, the bed should be oriented correctly. Because a good night’s sleep improves the quality of one’s marriage. While you sleep in the bedroom, make sure a zero-watt lamp must be lit, but keep in mind that the light somehow doesn’t fall entirely on the bed. If, on the other hand, the bathroom door opens into the bedroom, it should be kept closed or covered with a curtain.

Decorative Items

According to Vastu specialists, the tortoise plays a significant part in the avoidance of Vastu flaws, and if you have one in your home, it is thought that you will avoid diseases and enemies. Aside from that, it is regarded auspicious to place a photo frame of the entire family in a wooden board on the eastern wall of the house for the family’s happiness and success. Plants should not be maintained in the bedroom, although fresh flowers can be kept in the ill person’s room. These flowers, however, should be taken from the room at night.  zbrush 4r7 p3 crack


Now that you know how to remove Vastu defects without architectural changes there still are other things that need expert advise and to get it one must consult Astro Vastu guru Kuldeep Dwivedi. An expert advice can help a lot in making necessary Vastu changes that need special knowledge and skills that only a specialised Vastu consultant can explain. Get Yours Now!

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