Important Vastu Tips For Home

Important Vastu Tips For Home

Important Vastu Tips for Home

The Vaastu Shastra is currently popular around the world. The logic for it is also the human desire for harmony and tranquility, which Vaastu Shastra is expected to fulfill along with promises of increased health, prosperity, and life happiness. Vastu for homes therefore has a huge impact since it determines the standard of living. With the use of effective home Vastu, healthy frequencies can be guided and harmful ones may be avoided. The main reason for this is that it fills the person’s life with a lot of positive energy and eliminates all the bad elements.

For this reason, every homeowner needs the appropriate direction and understanding regarding Vastu for home. Before constructing a home, a person should consult vastu expert in Udaipur for guidance on the direction of the house, since this will have a significant impact on the individual and their family’s circumstances and also enhance their health and performance.

Vastu for Direction of Entrance

Vastu for Direction of Entrance

According to Vastu advice for new homes, the home’s main door serves as both a family entryway and a source of energy and vibrations. Your home’s main entrance should be situated so that it faces north, east, or northeast. It must be constructed such that you face north, east, or northeast when you go outside. Before purchasing or constructing a home, confirm that the plan focuses on these specific instructions.

Vastu for Dining Area

Vastu for Dining Area

If you have a separate space for the eating area, the optimal location for your dining hall is in the West zone. If, however, it is not feasible for whatever reason, you can choose the routes north, east, or south. But do your best to avoid the south-west zone direction, as it is not a vastu for house direction that is appropriate for the dining room.

Vastu for StaircasesVastu for Staircases

Maintaining peace and harmony at home depends much on the staircase’s arrangement in accordance with Vastu. The South West orientation is the ideal vastu for a staircase in a residence. Other directions are a possibility as well, but you must first speak with a Vastu specialist about them. But keep in mind that you must at all costs avoid placing the staircase in the north-east area.

Vastu for Bedroom

Vastu for Bedroom

Bedrooms should face southwest in order to promote excellent health and fruitful relationships. The southeast-facing bedroom can lead to arguments and clashes between couples, whereas the northeast orientation is unhealthy. The bed should also be positioned with the head facing west, at the southwest corner of the room.

Vastu for KitchenVastu for Kitchen

The kitchen should be constructed at the southeast corner of the house, according to vastu service in Udaipur. Avoid building a kitchen toward the north, northeast, or southwest of the home. Kitchen appliances should ideally face southeast as well.

Vastu for Child’s RoomVastu for Child’s Room

According to Vastu, the children’s room should be positioned in the new home’s southwest corner. In order to ensure luck and peace of mind, children should sleep with their heads turned toward the south or east.

Vastu for Bathroom/ToiletVastu for Bathroom/Toilet

As important as any other room in your new house, the bathroom and toilet should be designed according to Vastu. By clearing bad energy, bathroom and toilet Vastu suggestions improve your happiness and wellbeing. Here are some Vastu recommendations for the toilet and bathroom.

Vastu for Meditation/Prayer Room

Vastu for Meditation/Prayer RoomAccording to the ancient Vastu theory, a home should feature a meditation area where people may reflect and connect to a higher force for their spiritual development.

Vastu for ColoursVastu for Colours

The colors we choose to decorate our homes are given a lot of consideration in vastu tips for home. As a result, you should avoid using dark hues. To increase good energy, choose hues like white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue.

Vastu for Ventilation

Vastu for VentilationThe necessary elements are proper ventilation and lighting. Every room in the house should receive regular sunshine and have adequate ventilation, according to vastu for homes. This will promote happiness and the flow of energy.

Vastu for Shape of the Rooms

Vastu for Shape of the Rooms

Vastu Shastra includes extra guidelines for the arrangement of every room in the house. Make sure the rooms in your house are square or rectangular in shape and have straight lines. Avoid utilizing any circular furniture or spaces as they are not Vastu-compliant.

Vastu for Move-in Time/Inaugration

One of the most important vastu tips for home to follow is to base all you do on the Panchanga laws (Hindu Calendar). An expert can assist you in selecting an appropriate time and directing you while you carry out the rites required for the Graha Pravesh puja ceremony.

Get Rid of Everything Damaged or Unneeded.

Things that are damaged or worthless shouldn’t be kept at home. Broken and worthless items draw bad energy, which is unwelcome in a tranquil home. If anything is shattered, the entire home should be evacuated. Similar to this, any clocks or electrical devices that are broken down should be thrown away right away. No matter how priceless an item may be, if it is damaged, it should not be retained in the home as it will obstruct your progress and success.

Build Storage with Caution

The storage place one chooses has a significant impact on the tranquility and prosperity of the home. First and foremost, it ought to be storage rather than clutter. Second, avoid filling a place with too many items since that will hinder good energy from flowing there. This will prevent positive energy from flowing. Instead, create small, compact spaces around your home, and be sure to regularly inspect the objects that are stored there.

Several Foundational Vastu Principles for Homes

Checking the shapes of the rooms: One of the Vastu recommendations for new homes. According to Vastu, a house should ideally be square or rectangular in shape.

Basic Vastu for a Room: The home’s rooms should be bright, spacious, and tidy.

Regarding Furniture: According to Vastu, heavy furniture, such as beds and cabinets, should be placed in the south-west corner of the room. Building stairs with the south-west direction in mind is a fast vastu tip for new homes.

Water according to Vastu: Keeping plants and objects that contain water, such as an aquarium, fountain, or water painting, is a vital vastu advice for the home.

Vastu advice for the dining table: According to Vastu tips for home dinner table or area should not be placed close to the front entrance.

Vastu Consultant in Udaipur – Astro Vastu Guru Kuldeep Dwivedi

These straightforward Vastu guidelines bring harmony and prosperity into the lives of family members. Visit a qualified vastu consultant in One of the most important vastu tips for home to follow is to base all you do on the Panchanga laws (Hindu Calendar). An expert can assist you in selecting an appropriate time and directing you while you carry out the rites required for the Graha Pravesh puja ceremony. Rajasthan, Kuldeep Dwivedi as well to learn more about the quirks of many facets of life. All it takes to channel energy effectively and bring prosperity to the inhabitants is to arrange things in the appropriate directions.

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