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Kuldeep Dwivedi Astrologer has been practising astrology for more than thirteen years and is India's Vastu consultant and expert. He considers astrology and vastu shastra to be sciences, and he gives his clients recommendations based on logic and logical explanations. His strategy is to educate people in order for them to understand why they are having troubles in life. Following that, he provides them with genuine and practical solutions to their problems.

Where We Started

1998 – Journey Started

He started his journey as an astrologer in 1998, with help of some of his grandfather’s astrology books.

2000 – First Recognition

Thinking that astrology and vastu can totally change someone’s life, he started researching and getting deep into the knowledge of astrology and vastu. Also started giving lectures on astrology and horoscope.

2005 – Getting Publicity

He started practicing astrology as hobby. He became very popular among celebrity actors, actress, politicians, builders, businessman and sportsmen across the world especially from United States, UK, Canada, and India.

2013 – Hobby Changed into Profession

Hobby changed into the profession. He is on the list of best astrologers in India. While practicing Astrology he was doing financial planning in Multi-National Companies also

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    What Our Clients Say About Us

    lokesh chouhanlokesh chouhan
    07:27 08 Oct 22
    Best astrology I have ever seen ,, he speaks very politely ,,. He is one who is clairvoyant and knows before you say it. You will experience his power after speaking just for 5 minutes to him. There are times in life that tell you that life is a mess but you are curious about what's in store. In such situations he will guide you about what to do. You are really lucky if you have wanted to speak to him and get in touch with him ..
    Anuradha DubeyAnuradha Dubey
    01:48 31 Aug 22
    Kuldeep ji is very knowledgeable and practical the way he approaches. His predictions are very accurate and not only he provides predictions but ways to pass the hurdles as well. I’ve known him for almost 2 years now and have recommended him to a few friends.He is now my go to person for all personal and professional consultations. Highly recommended!
    Deepa. Kvyas VyasDeepa. Kvyas Vyas
    11:18 28 Aug 22
    I have experienced the vast expertise of so called astrologer,vastu consultant shree kuldeep dwevedi. He doesn't give false information for the sake of comfort to his clients.he provideslogical answersto the concerns unlike putting sentiments n suggest in positive manner instead of giving superstitional or contradictory solutions, Patience n attitude in understanding one's problem is very important during consultation, this qualities we can expect all d way,As i have experienced n my satisfaction is self proven his deep knowledge n mastery in his fieldI HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIS SERVICES.
    Bhupesh SharmaBhupesh Sharma
    04:32 28 Aug 22
    Kuldeep is very nice person with very deep knowledge of astrology and vaastu, he helped me out whenever I need his suggestion. He is soft spoken person and also give moral support to the person who comes to him with problems along with solutions.
    04:31 28 Aug 22
    Kuldeep ji possess knowledge of vastu, ASTRO and numerology inside out. His methods to treat a problems is simple and easy to accept in day to day life. His inputs helped alot and he guide like a true mentor. Thanks for being there.


    • Can Vastu Really Change Life?

      Yes! You may believe it or not, but Vaastu has its effects, and a few alterations in your home can bring a lot of serenity into your life. Every person in the world attempts to find a comfortable environment to live with his or her family. Everyone desires to live comfortably and lavishly. They desire to be free of all of life's difficulties and worries. You should start following Vastu if you want to enjoy every aspect of your life. Vastu Shastra is a science based on the universe's five elements. Vaayu (Air), Akash (SKY), Prithvi (Earth), Pani (Water), and Agni (Fire) are their names. All of these factors must be balanced according to Vastu Shastra. They have an impact on our happiness, prosperity, peace, fortune, behaviour, and wealth. To understand it better, get in contact with Kuldeep Dwivedi Astrologer, the best vastu consultant in Udaipur.

    • Impact of Numerology in General Life

      The section of Astrology that concerns consciousness and forecasting the future is known as Numerology. It helps in the uncovering of the underlying truth of the world. It can function as your personal life guide, displaying your potential as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Do you also want to know about the prediction? Kuldeep Dwivedi Astrologer can help you out.

    • Why Should One Avail Astrology Service?

      Astrology is a method of predicting mundane occurrences based on the notion that celestial bodies—particularly planets and stars in their random combinations or configurations (called constellations)—determine or signify changes in the sublunar realm in some way.

      An astrologer/vastu expert in Udaipur can anticipate not only about you but also about your behaviour toward your family, relatives, coworkers, and others by looking at your astrological chart. Learning about these habits can help you portray yourself more effectively in front of important people. In this way, astrology may help you enhance your personality, among the many other things it can do for you. You can consult an astrologer for further information about astrology and future forecasts.

    • How does Kuldeep Dwivedi help?

      Before making any decision, we are always concerned about our future because certain situations occur early and others late, causing us to be apprehensive. But it's only natural that everyone wants to make the best decision possible. There are many questions about marriage, family life, career chances, choosing the finest educational field, and finding a job, to name a few.

      There is only one answer to all of these questions: ASTROLOGY and there is only one man that can help you: Kuldeep Dwivedi Astrologer.

      Even if you don't want to follow our professional astrological services, you can still get advice/counselling.

    • Can astrology change my life?

      Astrology has the power to transform your life. Astrology has the power to change your life for the better. But, in order to do so, we must first gain a thorough understanding of the situation. Indeed, the fruits of one's labour and diligence must be considered, but the impact of one's horoscope cannot be overlooked.

    • Can astrology predict love?

      It's not every day that you fall in love with someone. And what about marriage? That's a far more unusual occurrence. However, your birth chart can foretell BOTH of these life-changing occurrences!

      Of course, whether you open your heart or go down the aisle is entirely up to you and your free choice, but astrologically speaking, an astrologer can detect these patterns a mile away.

      Fortunately, astrology may be able to explain to you who you're connected with and whether you've already established a relationship.

    • Can Vastu Help In Improving Luck/Health/Wealth?

      Yes. Vastu shastra can provide improved luck, health, and wealth. Vastu gives value to one's life while also bringing peace and wealth. Every Vastu recommendation is backed up with scientific evidence, making it more plausible to follow. You can follow advice from the best vastu consultant in Udaipur - Kuldeep Dwivedi, for good luck in the new year.

    • Why should I follow vastu shastra?

      Vastu flaws are bound to exist in any property or house, according to experts. The most critical factor to examine is whether the Vastu-compliant features outweigh the flaws. Vastu principles are supposed to benefit the end-user and should not be used as a criterion for success or failure.

      If the positioning of any such sites in the North West area has a negative impact on your home, you should make a change right away. A poor vastu complaint in the North West region can cause lots of new issues.

    • How do I choose an astrologer?

      A professional astrologer should have a thorough understanding of astrology. He must be able to read a horoscope and determine the placements of the planets. An astrologer's geographical knowledge and maths will be beneficial.

      Know someone or go to an astrologer that they know or that their relatives or friends know.

      You're looking for an astrologer or best vastu consultant in Udaipur on your own. In the event of offline consulting, you must rely on information available in the society. If you're shopping online, you can go to their website and look at their customer reviews, articles, and other information to choose which is the best.

    • What Is The Best Time To Start Following Vastu Shastra?

      You can begin following at any moment, but the earlier you begin, the more benefits you will receive. If you're considering learning vastu shastra, the best time to do so is now. Consult a vastu expert in Udaipur today.

    In the ancient era, All temple made according to Vastu. Have you notice the in these temple everytime is available prosperity. Peace, money, food (BHANDARA) at last-9. Want to say if you go to this temple you will fully also.

    Vastu definitely impacts on our life. It’s just like electromagnetic waves.
    If you have good Vastu of your house, business centre. The impact is by default shown. in my all visit sometime seen Good Vastu. But they want more. we can also balance our horoscope by managing Vastu. Ex:- if as per horoscope for success in any matter if we required yellow energy. we do or keep yellow ancitory in that Vastu zone it energize your aura and it makes happen very simple remedies. By vastu there are various example of vastu which our give restro roror client.

    if you minutely notice your post fine you will find some number are coming again like house no street company name boyfriend girlfriend like many ways. one of my clients says whom I have told to analysis his financial aspects. he says yes is back name number is coming on 9. I don’t have a good relationship or always taken extra changes. on investment. I get 100. I want to say that if you know about the number you can never be cheated

    Astrology always helps you, before choosing anything we are always worried about our future as some incidents happen early & some late & to get concerned about it. but natural as everyone wants to choose the right path, a right decision. There are a lot of questions related to marriage, family life, career opportunities, selecting the best educational field, job etc.
    For all these questions there is only one solution “ASTROLOGY”
    Try once our professional astrology services even if you don’t want to follow you can just take advice/counselling.