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Kuldeep Dwivedi

Kuldeep Dwivedi Astrologer has been practising astrology for more than thirteen years and is India’s Vastu consultant and expert. He considers astrology and vastu shastra to be sciences, and he gives his clients recommendations based on logic and logical explanations. His strategy is to educate people in order for them to understand why they are having troubles in life. Following that, he provides them with genuine and practical solutions to their problems.

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Arrange your home using ancient Indian wisdom for good vibes, luck, and happiness by understanding how energy flows.


Discover secrets about yourself and your future by looking at the meaning of numbers in your life.


Arrange your home using ancient Indian wisdom for good vibes, luck, and happiness by understanding how energy flows.

Online, Offline And Onsite Support For A Better Life

Get personalized life advice from our trusted astrologer, online or offline. Just call in with your birth details for insights and positive changes in your life.

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What Our Clients Say On Google

  • Kuldeep ji's prediction is very good in all work and also a very good person in behavior

    Sharad Jhalani Avatar Sharad Jhalani

    Pt. Kuldeep ji Dwivedi is the best vastuvid ,best astrologer,and numerologist in INDIA.he is very genius and intellectual. I highly recommend him for everyone.

    rahul dwivedi Avatar rahul dwivedi

    Very good consultant of Vastu , I was realy benefited

    Sushil Talesara Avatar Sushil Talesara

    He is very experienced and humble who always gives correct advice as per your requirements.

    Nishant Virnawe Avatar Nishant Virnawe
  • Mr kuldeep sir is the best astrologer and vastu consultant in udaipur, I have taken consultation from him many time and I got best results everytime, his nature is very cooperative and calm Thanks sir

    Dr Mukesh Prajapat Avatar Dr Mukesh Prajapat

    Just one word SIMPLY PERFECT! Whatever doubt or any question one has, you will get right solution and right prediction.

    Dinesh Tak Avatar Dinesh Tak

    Good astrologer and vaastu consultant....nice and humble person

    Priyanka Pandya Avatar Priyanka Pandya

    Mr kuldeep dwivedi is a genuine astrologer and very helpful nature.. Fess is also reliable.

    Anjali Bafna Avatar Anjali Bafna
  • Very accurate information professional attitude service is excellent . Quick response for any querry. Would like others to use the servicesof Mr Dwivedi and experience the same.

    prem lalwani Avatar prem lalwani

    He is an awesome,dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced Astrologer and very nice person from heart.I know him for more than 12 years.He is reliable person.My best wishes to him.

    Deepak Mishra Avatar Deepak Mishra

    He explained personal horoscope Very well and remedies given by him are helpfull . 🙏

    jiitender Goel Avatar jiitender Goel

    Very honest person and kind hearted soul. He helped me in my bad times without asking anything. Would request all to consult with him for these betterment.

    abhay tiwari Avatar abhay tiwari
  • Very good work, we also get profit from his work

    rinku jain Avatar rinku jain

    You are too dedicated with your work and behavior, Honest good job very good person.

    Chirag Pandya Avatar Chirag Pandya

    Kuldeep ji,s little tips and upaays are very useful if followed sincerely, these little remedies are sure to benefit one and his follow up sessions are also useful

    itika jhala Avatar itika jhala

    Kuldeep Ji has profound Astrology and Vaastu Shastra Knowledge.His ability to dive in charts and explain seekers in simple manner is just amazing.His solutions to the concerns is affordable and doesn't break the bank.

    Kapes Shah Avatar Kapes Shah
  • Great consulting with deep information about all of the consider things

    Sheetal Vyas Avatar Sheetal Vyas

    Amazing Experience, Clarity On Point.

    Mehul Suthar Avatar Mehul Suthar

    Kuldeep is very nice person with very deep knowledge of astrology and vaastu, he helped me out whenever I need his suggestion. He is soft spoken person and also give moral support to the person who comes to him with problems along with solutions.

    Bhupesh Sharma Avatar Bhupesh Sharma

    Very predictable... Well described & systematically presentation.. I am very satisfied... Thank you...

    Manju Ruj Avatar Manju Ruj
  • It's very good very practical & easy remedies & Genuine approach to vastu as well as astrology. Really impressed last 10 years

    Gadiya Financial Services Avatar Gadiya Financial Services

    Best Astrologer offering practical solutions. Carefully evaluates every aspect of the problem. Their suggestions brings a positive impact. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to achieve balance and harmony in their life

    Latika rajani Avatar Latika rajani

    One of the best astrologer and having complete knowledge of his field, He is very polite and give complete guidence and solution for your queries. I must recommend to him .

    Nutan Sharma Avatar Nutan Sharma

    Amazing experience feel, his advice is scientific and practical. Worthfull and helpful all time.

    Maneesh Vyas Avatar Maneesh Vyas
  • I am blind follower of Mr Kuldeep Diwedi. . as from my last 10 years of experience his calculations and predictions for me are OUTSTANDING. .with minimal remedies. Its my suggestion. .one must test him before losing your heart in anything

    Chandresh Kotadia Avatar Chandresh Kotadia

    Sir it had nice experience to met you... Ur predection is 80% accurate.. your consultancy is very good... I wish all best wishes.

    Nitin Trivedi Avatar Nitin Trivedi

    I known kuldeepji last four years my factory my flat all Degin by kuldeep ji my experience is very good many my friends I recommend and they all happy

    Right Corrupack Pvt. Ltd. Avatar Right Corrupack Pvt. Ltd.

    When it comes to providing practical solutions no one can match him. We know him for 4-5 year whenever we / relatives required his consultation we turn to him. Highly recommended.

    anand kothari Avatar anand kothari