Are you expecting a baby?

Are you planning a C-section delivery?

If yes, then this article is a must-read for you.

Firstly, many congratulations! It’s the most beautiful and blissful feeling to have a life growing inside your womb.

You must have had many good and challenging times in your life. As parents, we always wish that our children do not face the challenges that we did. We always want to do our best to give our children a better life.

However, there are some situations over which we do not have control. However, we now have the ability to reduce the difficulties that our children may face in the future.

Want to know how? It’s simple.

Bring your child into this world at the best time, which will be in accordance with your current medical condition.

Now, you must be wondering: when everything is pre-defined, why should I know the best time for my c-section delivery?

You must have heard from your elders in the family about the doshas or nakshatras in Kundli. These doshas often become hurdles in whatever we do in our lives. Sometimes, the doshas pose hindrances in our careers, sometimes in our marriage lives, and the like.

Earlier, we were not very aware of the solutions to these problems. But today, we can work it out before the problem even arises.

We can make sure that when our baby enters the world, he or she is free from any negative energy at that time of the hour.

How will this help?

Deciding the best time for childbirth will:

Help in avoiding the negative vibrations prevailing Assist in the creation of a dosha-free Kundli (Horoscope).

Help to avoid future financial problems

Helping to lead a healthy and wealthy life

The best muhurat (time) for your c-section delivery will be suggested according to the dates given by your gynecologist as per your present medical condition.

Why should I know the best time for my c-section delivery?

It is because:

Who does not want their children to be successful in their careers?

Who does not want their children to live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life? Who does not want their children to have good relationships?

Let us welcome your child into this beautiful world at the best time, which is filled with positivity, happiness, and a bright future.

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