Lucky Baby Name

Eda J. LeShan said, “A new baby is like the beginning of all things: wonder, hope, and a dream of possibilities.”

When a baby is born, everyone rejoices with happiness. Friends and family give loads of blessings to the newborn.

And, as you know, everyone’s first question is, “What’s the name of the baby?” because wherever we go and represent ourselves, our name goes before us. Our name is our identity at all levels of life. And every name has different vibrations. A name like “Dhairya,” for example, has different vibrations than “Shagun.”

You must have heard about the famous Sanskrit shloka “Yatha Naam, Tatha Guna,” which means your name represents your attributes. Some people have contrasting attributes based on their names. This all happens because of the name “vibrations.”

New parents are always curious about their newborn’s name. So, as the tradition dictates, they visit the astrologer. Then, they provide the child’s date, time, and place of birth. Accordingly, the astrologer suggests the “first letters” as per the nakshatra, pada, and rashi of the baby.

And the name is chosen by the parents accordingly.

But what if, after a few years, the child begins to struggle in school, or he/she becomes very stubborn, has difficulty making friends, is unable to participate in extracurricular activities, has low self-esteem, and other issues?

Do you wonder why this may happen? because Indian mythology believes in past-life karma. Furthermore, the Indian Astrology system focuses on resolving a person’s past life karmas and suggesting names in order for a person to achieve salvation (moksh).

Here comes the power of numerology.

Numerology is a numerical study in which the name is suggested on the basis of the date of birth to avoid future hurdles. This is known as name numerology. Unlike astrology, the numerology system does not consider the past, as karmas and moksh methodologies do.So, there is always something missing.

Sometimes, it may happen that the baby’s name is good according to astrology but not according to numerology.

So, in order to reduce life’s obstacles, the baby’s name should be chosen in such a way that it satisfies the ideologies of both astrology and numerology.

You must have heard of many celebrities who have changed their names or altered their names’ spelling, and suddenly their stars shine and they receive great success. So, this happens when, according to numerology, they select a name that has their lucky number.

Instead of waiting for years and then changing the name, which sometimes becomes very difficult for legal documentation purposes, it is good to have numerology analysis done at the time of the child’s birth.

What do we do?

Anyone who wishes to apply for a lucky baby name has to provide us with details like the date, time, and place of birth, along with the names of the father and mother.

Then, according to the Indian astrology system, we perform rashi-nakshatra analysis and suggest the first letter of the newborn to the new parents. Thereafter, we ask them to find the names as per their preference, as we do not suggest the names.

Then, we perform an analysis of all the names suggested by them. It may be one name or a hundred. We thoroughly examine each name in terms of planet position, compatibility, future predictions, energy, and so on.This analysis report is a combination of astrology and numerology. And, we provide the priority report.

The parents can select the name according to the priority list. If the parents select a name that has some issues or doshas, if any, then we suggest permanent remedial measures to cure that problem. With this, we ensure that the baby is healthy, wealthy, happy, and does not face major hurdles due to past karmic accounts.

This remedy also creates karma because it has some energy associated with it. Whatever spiritual activity is done by us, it all has karma associated with it. No one can change what is already written in the books of destiny, but with remedial measures, we can rectify the negative effects of past karmic accounts.

The benefit of selecting a name that is best according to astrology and numerology is that the child will have a bright future in all areas of his life.

We also collect the parents’ information during this process.This is because the child’s name should also be compatible with the parents’ names so that the child has a good and respectful relationship with them as well.

Why us?

Because with us, you get the best of both worlds: astrology and numerology. Kuldeep Dwivedi believes in the ideology that the name should be such that it is best according to both the astrology and numerology systems. This ideology will aid in the reduction of struggles and the facilitation of salvation (moksha prapti).Because the name implies that it will benefit from astrology and numerology vidya,

A well-selected name will have positive energy, which will lead to peace and harmony in the child’s life. What more happiness do parents need as they see their child achieving his dreams and living a healthy and wealthy life?

Let your child’s stars shine, and his efforts will lead to great success.

Do you want to have your child’s name analyzed? Feel free to connect.