Lucky Business Name

Estee Lauder said, “I never dreamed of success.” “I worked for it.”

But what happens when you work really hard and even then do not receive success?

When you start a business, you put all your money and efforts into creating a brand for your business. You perform all the promotional activities to create a good brand image for your business.

You also follow the vastu tips for your business growth, like placing the picture or the idol of the deity you worship in the northeast direction of the office to bring prosperity and luck, having the entrance or the main door of the office face north or east for overall success in business, etc.

But after all your hard work and efforts, you see that your business is not flourishing. You start to lose confidence in yourself. You tried all the ways to grow your business but realised that nothing was working in your favour.

You think that it is your past karma that is becoming a hurdle in your business’s growth.

But, have you ever considered that the name you choose for your business plays a significant role in determining the energy and vibrations for its growth?

Maybe choosing the wrong business name is putting all your hard work in vain.

Have you ever visited an astrologer to help you choose a business name that is lucky for you and your partners?

If not, then this is the right time to think about it.

The right name for your business will help you to clear all the negative energy and will bring positive results from your hard work. It will help to raise your profits and ultimately lead to a flourishing business.

Lucky Business Name

How can we help?

Whenever a businessman who is starting a new business or venture comes to us, we suggest the first letter of the business name.

In this process, the businessman is required to provide details about himself if it is a sole proprietorship, and if it is a partnership, then details of all the partners are asked for.

This is because in business there is involvement by all the partners, so the name should be such that it is compatible with all the partners’ aesthetic energies. because each partner’s name has different vibrations.

After that, the first letter is suggested based on the astrological study.

Thereafter, the proprietors or partners have to find the business name according to their preference and liking, starting from the letter suggested by us.

We then conduct analysis on all of the names they have chosen.There is no restriction on the number of names.

Ancient Indian astrological methods are used by Kuldeep Dwivedi (Astrologer, Numerologist, and Vastu Expert) to do a complete analysis. Past karmic accounts are also considered in the analysis process so that past karmas do not become impediments to business growth.

Not only astrology, but the names are also analysed as per the numerology study.

Numerology is the study of numbers based on the date of birth of the person. There is a universal number associated with the date of birth. This number acts as a spiritual guide and helps us make important decisions.

So, after the detailed astrological and numerological analysis, a priority report is prepared. In this report, we provide an analysis of the names that are provided in priority order.

The businessman or partners can then select the desired name. If, in this case, they like a certain name that is lower on our priority list and has certain problems associated with it, then we suggest a permanent remedy to remove that problem to a greater extent.

We know that everything in this world is predetermined, and we cannot change what lies in one’s destiny. But, then, we have things like astrology and numerology that act as universal guides that help us lead a good life and make important decisions that favour our luck.

If you think that I will start a business today and think about the astrological impact of the business name later, then it will be too late. Because it will harm your branding.

Because as soon as you start a business, people start to associate you with the business name. This name creates a certain image in the minds of the people.

As a result, this practise must begin at the beginning. so that positive energy is created and your business receives great success from its inception.