Kuldeep Dwivedi leading astrologer & Vastu consultant of India is practicing astrology with an experience of over 13+ years. He practices Astrology & Vastu Shastra as a Science and offers advice to his clients with logic and scieific explanations.

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Kuldeep Dwivedi Astrologer has been practising astrology for over ten years and is India's Vastu consultant and expert. He considers astrology and vastu shastra to be sciences, and he gives his clients recommendations based on logic and logical explanations. His strategy is to educate people in order for them to understand why they are having troubles in life. Following that, he provides them with genuine and practical solutions to their problems.

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Expertise in Vedic Astrology

Years of knowledge and expertise were necessary for our astrologer. Get precise and thorough forecasts based on your birth chart.

Customer Satisfaction is provided

We place a high value on complete client satisfaction. As a result, we make every effort to respond to your inquiry in the most efficient manner possible.

Personalized Services

You can arrange an appointment and speak with our astrologers by calling us at our local numbers.

Years of Professional Experience

Consult our experienced astrologer to make informed decisions. Get good counsel and help on when to make the best option for your situation.

Genuine Remedies are available

Our skilled astrologer will provide appropriate medicines after researching and evaluating your birth chart. Follow the cures with complete trust and confidence, and you will see a difference very quickly.

Several Discussions on Problem Solving

If your query cannot be handled in a single session, you may schedule numerous sessions with us. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our skilled astrologer.

Both Online and Offline Assistance is Available

When it comes to interacting with people’s life concerns, astrology covers a wide variety of topics.

With the assistance of the most renowned astrologer, anyone from any area of the world may create a better living environment for oneself.

Everything can done over the phone, from studying your horoscope to making forecasts to providing updates and advising on forthcoming pitfalls/opportunities.

All we require is the precise time, location, and date of your birth.

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    What Our Clients Say On Google

    lokesh chouhanlokesh chouhan
    07:27 08 Oct 22
    Best astrology I have ever seen ,, he speaks very politely ,,. He is one who is clairvoyant and knows before you say it. You will experience his power after speaking just for 5 minutes to him. There are times in life that tell you that life is a mess but you are curious about what's in store. In such situations he will guide you about what to do. You are really lucky if you have wanted to speak to him and get in touch with him ..
    Anuradha DubeyAnuradha Dubey
    01:48 31 Aug 22
    Kuldeep ji is very knowledgeable and practical the way he approaches. His predictions are very accurate and not only he provides predictions but ways to pass the hurdles as well. I’ve known him for almost 2 years now and have recommended him to a few friends.He is now my go to person for all personal and professional consultations. Highly recommended!
    Deepa. Kvyas VyasDeepa. Kvyas Vyas
    11:18 28 Aug 22
    I have experienced the vast expertise of so called astrologer,vastu consultant shree kuldeep dwevedi. He doesn't give false information for the sake of comfort to his clients.he provideslogical answersto the concerns unlike putting sentiments n suggest in positive manner instead of giving superstitional or contradictory solutions, Patience n attitude in understanding one's problem is very important during consultation, this qualities we can expect all d way,As i have experienced n my satisfaction is self proven his deep knowledge n mastery in his fieldI HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIS SERVICES.
    Bhupesh SharmaBhupesh Sharma
    04:32 28 Aug 22
    Kuldeep is very nice person with very deep knowledge of astrology and vaastu, he helped me out whenever I need his suggestion. He is soft spoken person and also give moral support to the person who comes to him with problems along with solutions.
    04:31 28 Aug 22
    Kuldeep ji possess knowledge of vastu, ASTRO and numerology inside out. His methods to treat a problems is simple and easy to accept in day to day life. His inputs helped alot and he guide like a true mentor. Thanks for being there.

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    Frequently Asked Question/People Also Asked

  • Is astrology true in relationships?

     Yes, Astrology is true in relationships because compatibility charts have been given by astrologers to illustrate which signs can sustain a happy relationship or which signs may end in a tangled disaster. Love cannot be anticipated by the positions of the planets, as certainly not by us, however if the stars are doing something bigger, we should let them.

  • Can astrology tell the future?

    In astrology, each instant of time is crucial. An astrologer who specialises in a person's birth time might unearth existential knowledge about them since it is considered that there is a relevant relationship between when someone is born and the attributes inherent in his personality.

    Astrologers examine our birth charts to get insight into our possible modes of being, gifts, difficulties, opportunities, and internal problems. People may make significant decisions about their future by utilising astrology.


  • Can astrology predict career?

    Astrological analysis may accurately anticipate your career performance, achievements, and advancement opportunities. Your advancement is determined by the location of a planet in your horoscope, particularly with regard to "Mahadasha" and "Antardasha"!

  • How can I choose the best astrologer in udaipur?

    Best astrologer/jyotish in Udaipur, with over 8 years of astrological experience. Kuldeep Dwivedi Ji views Astrology and Vastu Shastra to be sciences and makes suggestions to his clients based on reasoning and logical explanations. His aim is to educate individuals so that they can understand why they are having difficulties in life. After that, He offers them true and effective remedies to their difficulties.

  • What type of divination can I expect from an astrologer in Udaipur?

    Astrology is a sort of divination that includes predicting earthly and human events by observing and interpreting the fixed constellations, the planets, the Sun, and the Moon. People can expect various astrological divination in respect of the multiple problems:

    • Personal Life
    • Career Guidance
    • Social Life
    • Married Life
    • Health Solution
    • Wealth Solution
    • Professional Life
    • Life Path Analysis
  • Who is the best jyotish in Udaipur?

    No wonder, there is only one name and that is Kuldeep Dwivedi; the best jyotish in Udaipur. Known for its exceptional work in providing excellent astrological, numerological, vastu, distance healing services with 100% accuracy.